About Us

The American system of education is busted. We all know it. It is a 100+ year system that 
 has not evolved. It’s a system that discourages great teachers and squishes the creativity and 
 innovation of the students. Blah blah. We know the problem.

What’s the solution? Critiquing the system is pointless. It is not changing in our generation. Let’s move on to what we can do. Great innovations come from outside the current system.

You can be part of that revolution. We want to help you lead it. Big word, revolution. But we mean it. We can’t accept the status quo. We have to create a bridge next to the old one so that when the old one collapses we still have a path for the learners in our lives. We need to take more responsibility for the issue.

Let’s be clear on roles:

1. Student: be open minded, creative, and ready for a challenge
2. School: teach the basic facts. Drills matter. Take it for what it is.
3. Parents, progressive teachers and caretakers: provide support to students and provide fabulous environments for true, deep learning.
4. Funderstanding: provide the resources for people who are inspiring and who want to be inspired.

Ultimately, we have one goal: make you step away from the computer. Get your hands dirty. 
Do things!