Discover Exciting Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale with Kids

Discover Exciting Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale with Kids surfing

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a paradise for families seeking fun-filled adventures. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant parks, and a range of indoor and outdoor entertainment options, there is never a shortage of things to do in Fort Lauderdale with kids. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable family vacation! In this article, we will explore some of the best activities Fort Lauderdale has to offer, ensuring that your little ones have the time of their lives.

Beaches and Parks for Family Fun

Fort Lauderdale is renowned for its pristine beaches, where children can frolic in the sand or splash around in the gentle waves. One of the most popular beaches in the area is the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Beach. This beach offers a wide range of family-friendly amenities, including picnic areas, nature trails, and even kayak rentals. Kids can also enjoy exploring the nearby Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, which offers a glimpse into the region’s rich history.

If you are looking for a more adventurous outdoor experience, head to Everglades Holiday Park. Located just a short drive from Fort Lauderdale, this park is known for its thrilling airboat rides through the Everglades. Kids will be captivated as they cruise through the marshes, spotting alligators and other fascinating wildlife. Make sure to stop by the onsite wildlife sanctuary, where you can witness remarkable animal encounters and even hold a baby alligator!

But the outdoor fun doesn’t stop there! Fort Lauderdale is also home to a variety of other parks and recreational activities that are perfect for the whole family.

Outdoor Sports and Recreational Activities

No trip to Fort Lauderdale would be complete without a visit to the award-winning Mills Pond Park. This expansive park offers a range of recreational activities, including playgrounds, basketball courts, and even a disc golf course. Your little adventurers can also try their hand at paddleboarding or kayaking on the park’s serene lake.

For the ultimate family-friendly adventure, head to Tree Tops Park. Situated on over 200 acres of lush greenery, this park features numerous hiking trails and picnic areas. Kids can also test their agility on the park’s challenging playground, complete with rope climbing structures and slides galore. Fancy a peaceful boat ride? Rent a canoe or kayak and explore the idyllic lakes that dot the park.

Looking to add a touch of history to your outdoor exploration? Visit the Historic Stranahan House Museum, located on the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale. This beautifully preserved house offers guided tours that take you back in time to the early days of the city. Learn about the fascinating stories of the Stranahan family and their impact on the development of Fort Lauderdale.

As you can see, Fort Lauderdale is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, embarking on an airboat adventure, or exploring the city’s parks and museums, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So pack your sunscreen, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready to make unforgettable memories in the great outdoors of Fort Lauderdale!

Indoor Entertainment Options in Fort Lauderdale

Museums and Educational Centers

No matter how young or old your children are, they are sure to enjoy a visit to the Museum of Discovery and Science. With its interactive exhibits and thrilling IMAX theater, this museum offers a world of hands-on learning and excitement. From exploring the depths of the ocean in the simulated Dive Tank to marveling at the colossal dinosaur skeletons in the Prehistoric Florida exhibit, there is something for everyone here.

But wait, there’s more! Fort Lauderdale is also home to the Museum of Art, where your family can immerse themselves in the world of fine art. From classic masterpieces to contemporary works, this museum showcases a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums. Take a stroll through the galleries and let the vibrant colors and intricate details captivate your imagination.

For an educational experience with a twist of creativity, head to the Young At Art Museum. This innovative museum features a wide range of interactive exhibits, encouraging children to explore their artistic sides. From the immersive ArtScapes exhibit to the vibrant pottery and painting workshops, your little ones will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and be inspired by the world of art.

Indoor Playgrounds and Fun Zones

Fort Lauderdale also offers a variety of indoor playgrounds and fun zones that are perfect for letting your kids burn off some energy. Check out Funderdome, a massive indoor play area that boasts an array of thrilling activities, including rock climbing walls, trampolines, and a zip line. Your children will have a blast as they navigate through obstacle courses and conquer their fears.

Meanwhile, Off the Wall Trampoline Fun Center offers a unique blend of trampoline bouncing and laser tag for an action-packed adventure. Picture your kids bouncing high in the air, dodging laser beams, and laughing with pure joy. It’s an experience they won’t soon forget!

If your kids love gaming, head to GameTime, a family-friendly entertainment center with state-of-the-art arcade games and interactive simulators. Challenge your children to a friendly game of air hockey or take a ride on the XD Dark Ride, a thrilling virtual reality experience that will transport you to another world. The excitement and friendly competition will keep your family entertained for hours on end.

Art and Craft Workshops for Kids

For little artists in the making, Fort Lauderdale offers a wealth of art and craft workshops that provide a hands-on creative experience. The Art Studio offers a range of classes for children of all ages, including painting, sculpting, and pottery. Kids can unleash their inner Picasso as they create their very own masterpieces under the guidance of experienced instructors.

If your child has a flair for fashion, consider signing them up for a sewing or fashion design class at Sew Crafty Studio. Here, they can learn the basics of sewing and design while creating unique garments and accessories. These workshops not only provide a fun outlet for creativity but also instill valuable skills that your children can carry with them for years to come. Imagine the pride they’ll feel when they wear their own handmade creations!

So, whether you’re looking for educational adventures, thrilling play zones, or creative workshops, Fort Lauderdale has it all. With its diverse range of indoor entertainment options, you and your family are guaranteed to have a memorable and enriching experience. Start planning your next indoor adventure today!

Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

Exploring Fort Lauderdale’s culinary scene is a treat for the whole family. When hunger strikes, head to Primanti Brothers, a family-friendly restaurant known for its mouthwatering sandwiches and pizza. With its lively atmosphere and extensive kids’ menu, this eatery is sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

For a taste of Florida’s famous seafood, make a reservation at Coconuts. Situated on the Intracoastal Waterway, this waterfront restaurant offers a stunning view along with a delectable menu. Kids can enjoy a range of seafood dishes tailored just for them, including fish and chips, shrimp skewers, and grilled mahi-mahi.

Enjoying Local Cuisine with Kids

While in Fort Lauderdale, don’t miss the opportunity to sample some authentic Cuban cuisine. El Tamarindo Cafe, a family-owned restaurant, serves up savory Cuban dishes that will delight your taste buds. Treat your little ones to classics like arroz con pollo (chicken with rice) or empanadas, and let them savor the rich flavors of this vibrant cuisine.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, make sure to visit Hoffman’s Chocolates. This local chocolate factory and shop offers an enticing array of confections, from creamy truffles to delectable chocolate-covered treats. Give your kids a taste of pure indulgence as they explore the delightful world of chocolates.

Check the list of family-friendly restaurants in Fort Lauderdale here.

Seasonal Events and Parades

Fort Lauderdale hosts a range of exciting events throughout the year that cater specifically to families. One highlight is the Winterfest Boat Parade, a dazzling spectacle where illuminated boats navigate the city’s waterways, spreading holiday cheer. Your children will be mesmerized as they watch the glittering boats pass by, accompanied by live music and performances.

During the spring season, make sure to check out the Air & Sea Show. This thrilling event showcases jaw-dropping aerial displays and exciting demonstrations by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. Your kids’ eyes will light up as they witness the power and grace of these incredible aircraft.

Music and Cultural Festivals

The Tortuga Music Festival is a must-visit event for music-loving families. Held on the golden sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach, this three-day festival features live performances by renowned country, rock, and pop artists. While you enjoy the music, your kids can participate in fun-filled activities at the festival’s designated Family Fun Zone.

For a celebration of the diverse cultures that make Fort Lauderdale vibrant, attend the Fiestaval Latin Festival. This colorful event showcases Latin music, dance, and cuisine, providing a fantastic opportunity for your kids to explore different cultures and traditions. From salsa workshops to traditional Latin American dishes, this festival is a feast for the senses.


In conclusion, Fort Lauderdale offers an abundance of fun activities for families with kids. Whether you choose to explore the great outdoors, immerse yourselves in indoor entertainment, indulge in delicious food, or attend exciting events and festivals, you are sure to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones in this sunny paradise. So, pack your sunscreen and sense of adventure, and get ready to embark on an incredible family vacation in Fort Lauderdale!

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