Fun Activities for Kids in Newport, Rhode Island

Activities for Kids in Newport

Newport, Rhode Island is not just a destination for adults. With its charming coastal setting and a myriad of family-friendly attractions, it also offers a wealth of fun activities for kids. From outdoor adventures to indoor entertainment, Newport has something for children of all ages. So, if you’re planning a family trip to this delightful city, here are some exciting activities for Kids in Newport, Rhode Island.

When it comes to outdoor fun in Newport, the possibilities are endless. The city boasts a number of child-friendly beaches, where kids can build sandcastles, frolic in the waves, and soak up the sun. Easton’s Beach, also known as First Beach, is a popular choice for families, offering soft sands and calm waters.

Besides the beaches, Newport is home to several parks and playgrounds that provide ample space for kids to run, play, and explore. Brenton Point State Park, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is a perfect spot for a family picnic. Meanwhile, the King Park Playground offers various play structures and plenty of green space for children to burn off energy.

For those seeking wildlife encounters, Newport doesn’t disappoint. Explore the Norman Bird Sanctuary, a 325-acre wildlife refuge that provides hiking trails and bird-watching opportunities. Another must-visit is the Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, where kids can spot seabirds and explore tidal pools.

Aside from the outdoor attractions mentioned, Newport also offers a range of family-friendly activities for kids of all ages. The Exploration Center and Aquarium is a great place for children to learn about marine life through interactive exhibits and touch tanks. They can get up close and personal with local sea creatures and even participate in feeding sessions.

Additionally, families can embark on a sailing adventure with one of the many boat tour companies in Newport. Kids can experience the thrill of being out on the water, learn about sailing techniques, and maybe even spot some marine wildlife like seals or dolphins. These tours offer a unique perspective of Newport’s coastline and are sure to create lasting memories for the whole family.

Indoor Entertainment Options for Children in Newport

When the weather isn’t cooperating, Newport offers a range of indoor activities to keep kids entertained. Take them to the Newport Art Museum, which hosts family-friendly programs and interactive exhibits. The Museum of Newport History is another great option, offering educational exhibits that transport kids back in time.

If your little ones are budding artists, head to the Jamestown Arts Center or the Muse Paintbar, where they can explore their creativity through various art mediums. Additionally, indoor play areas like Billy Beez and Kidz Klub offer exciting play structures, slides, and obstacle courses that guarantee hours of fun regardless of the weather outside.

For a more educational experience, consider visiting the Save The Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium, where children can learn about marine life through hands-on exhibits and interactive displays. Another engaging option is the Audrain Automobile Museum, which showcases a stunning collection of vintage cars and offers special activities for young visitors to learn about the history of automobiles.

If your kids have a love for science, don’t miss out on the fun at the Newport Interactive Markerspace, where they can engage in STEM activities and workshops to foster their interest in technology and innovation. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is also a unique indoor destination, providing a glimpse into the rich history of tennis through exhibits and memorabilia that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Family-Friendly Dining in Newport

Exploring Newport can work up appetites, and luckily, the city is home to several kid-friendly restaurants. One such spot is the Brick Alley Pub, known for its extensive kids’ menu featuring classic favorites like burgers and pizza. The Newport Creamery is a must-visit for families with a sweet tooth, offering a delightful selection of ice cream flavors and delicious sundaes.

Another fantastic family-friendly dining option in Newport is the Salvation Cafe. This eclectic eatery not only caters to adult taste buds but also offers a special kids’ menu with options like mini sliders and mac ‘n’ cheese. The vibrant and artsy decor of the restaurant creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere for families to enjoy a meal together.

If you’re looking for a waterfront dining experience that is perfect for the whole family, look no further than the Midtown Oyster Bar. Situated right by the harbor, this restaurant not only serves up fresh seafood for the adults but also provides a children’s menu with items like fish and chips and chicken tenders. The nautical-themed decor and stunning views of the water make dining at Midtown Oyster Bar a memorable experience for everyone.

Seasonal Events and Festivals for Kids in Newport

Newport hosts a variety of seasonal events and festivals that cater to children. During the summer, the city comes alive with festivities like the Newport Kite Festival, where families can watch colorful kites soaring through the sky. Another highlight is the Great Chowder Cook-Off, where kids can sample different chowder recipes.

In winter, Newport transforms into a winter wonderland, with events like the Newport Winter Festival. Families can enjoy ice sculpting, live music, and even a hot chocolate contest. The city is also known for its magical holiday events, such as the Newport Nutcracker at Rosecliff Mansion.

Springtime in Newport brings a burst of color and energy, with events like the Daffodil Days Festival. Families can wander through fields of daffodils in bloom, participate in daffodil-themed activities, and even enjoy daffodil-inspired treats at local cafes. Another spring highlight is the Newport Cherry Blossom Festival, where kids can marvel at the beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Autumn in Newport is a time of harvest celebrations and spooky fun. Families can visit local pumpkin patches to pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving, or attend the Newport Harvest Fair to enjoy hayrides, corn mazes, and apple cider tasting. For those seeking a thrill, the Newport Ghost Walk offers a spooky tour of the city’s most haunted locations, perfect for older kids looking for a scare.

Practical Information for Visiting Newport with Kids

Getting around Newport with kids is a breeze, thanks to the city’s convenient transport options. The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority operates buses that provide easy access to various attractions throughout Newport.

When exploring Newport with kids, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Keep an eye on your little ones, especially near the water and in crowded areas. Teach them about water safety and the importance of wearing sunscreen. Additionally, carry a first-aid kit and any necessary medications to address any unexpected situations.

With its wealth of outdoor attractions, indoor entertainment options, family-friendly dining, and seasonal events, Newport is truly a paradise for children. Whether you’re visiting for a day trip or planning a longer family vacation, Newport, Rhode Island promises a plethora of fun activities that will create lasting memories for your little ones.

One of the must-visit spots in Newport for families is the iconic Cliff Walk. This 3.5-mile trail offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the stunning Gilded Age mansions on the other. Kids will love exploring the rugged coastline and spotting local wildlife along the way.

For a fun and educational experience, consider taking your children to the Exploration Center and Aquarium. Located at the Easton’s Beach Rotunda, this interactive facility features touch tanks, live animal exhibits, and educational programs that highlight the marine life native to Rhode Island’s waters. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the importance of ocean conservation in a hands-on setting.

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