Fun Activities to Do in Cape Cod with Kids: Complete List

Fun Activities to Do in Cape Cod with Kids

Cape Cod is a fantastic destination for families with kids. With its picturesque beaches, rich natural beauty, and abundance of historical attractions, there are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Let’s explore some exciting experiences and activities to do in Cape Cod with kids!

Cape Cod boasts stunning beaches that are perfect for families. Spend your days building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or simply soaking up the sun. For those looking to explore beyond the shore, Cape Cod offers a myriad of nature trails and hiking opportunities. Take a leisurely stroll along one of its many trails, immersing yourself in the serene beauty of the area. Keep an eye out for wildlife and birds, as Cape Cod is home to a diverse range of species.

Beach Activities for Kids

The beaches in Cape Cod offer endless opportunities for kids to have fun. They can splash in the waves, hunt for seashells, and build sand sculptures. Many beaches also have playgrounds and picnic areas, making them great spots for a family day out. Some popular family-friendly beaches include Nauset Beach in Orleans and Craigville Beach in Centerville.

Nature Trails and Hiking for Families

Cape Cod is a nature lover’s paradise, with its extensive network of trails winding through forests, salt marshes, and dunes. One of the must-visit trails is the Cape Cod Rail Trail, a 22-mile paved path that takes you through some of the most scenic areas of the Cape. It’s perfect for biking, walking, or rollerblading. Another popular choice is the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, where families can explore diverse habitats and learn about the local flora and fauna.

Wildlife Spotting and Bird Watching

Cape Cod offers excellent opportunities for wildlife spotting and bird watching. Head to the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, where you can witness seals basking on the sandbars and observe a variety of bird species. Another great spot is the Cape Cod Canal. Here, families can watch as whales, dolphins, and seals make their way through the water channel.

But the natural wonders of Cape Cod don’t end there. The Cape Cod National Seashore, spanning 40 miles of pristine coastline, is a treasure trove of natural beauty. Explore the sandy beaches, towering dunes, and picturesque lighthouses that dot the landscape. Take a guided tour or venture out on your own to discover hidden gems and secret coves.

If you’re interested in marine life, don’t miss the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Located in Brewster, this museum offers interactive exhibits and educational programs that delve into the fascinating world of marine ecosystems. Learn about the diverse marine species that call Cape Cod home and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation.

Cape Cod is not only rich in natural beauty but also in history and culture. Take the opportunity to visit museums and historical sites that offer engaging experiences for kids.

Exploring the educational landscape of Cape Cod opens up a world of discovery for families seeking both entertainment and enrichment. Beyond its sandy shores and picturesque landscapes, Cape Cod boasts a treasure trove of educational gems waiting to be explored by curious minds of all ages.

Visiting Museums and Historical Sites

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster is a great place for families to learn about the region’s unique ecosystems through interactive exhibits. Kids can get up close and personal with marine life in the museum’s touch tanks. Another museum worth visiting is the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, located in Hyannis. It delves into the fascinating maritime history of the area.

Immersing oneself in the rich history and culture of Cape Cod through museum visits provides a deeper understanding of the region’s roots. From the early settlers to the thriving maritime industry, each exhibit offers a glimpse into the past that shaped the present-day Cape Cod we know and love.

Participating in Interactive Workshops

Several places on Cape Cod offer hands-on workshops and activities for kids. Why not try a pottery class at the Pottery Studio in Chatham or a painting workshop at the ARTichoke Studio in Harwich? These experiences allow children to explore their creativity and take home a unique souvenir.

Engaging in interactive workshops not only hones artistic skills but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-expression in young learners. From molding clay to painting canvases, these hands-on activities encourage children to unleash their imagination and create lasting memories of their time on Cape Cod.

Aquarium and Marine Life Exploration

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium is a must-visit for families. Kids can marvel at the various marine species and learn about important marine conservation efforts. Cape Cod also offers opportunities for whale-watching excursions, giving families the chance to see these magnificent creatures up close in their natural habitat.

Diving into the underwater world of Cape Cod through aquarium visits and whale-watching expeditions opens a gateway to understanding the importance of marine conservation and the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems. Witnessing marine life in its natural habitat instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world beneath the waves.

Thrilling Adventure Activities

If your family seeks an adrenaline rush, Cape Cod has plenty of thrilling activities to offer. From water sports to mini golf and bike tours, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this picturesque peninsula.

Embark on a journey of excitement and exploration as you dive into the world of adventure awaiting you on Cape Cod. Discover a myriad of activities that will get your heart racing and create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

Water Sports for Kids

Cape Cod is a haven for water sports enthusiasts of all ages. Kids can try their hand at paddleboarding, kayaking, or even surfing in the gentle waves. Rentals and lessons are available at various locations, such as Cape Cod Kayak in Harwich Port. Let your little ones experience the thrill of gliding across the water and learning new skills in a safe and supervised environment.

As the sun glistens on the water and the salty breeze tousles your hair, immerse yourself in the beauty of Cape Cod’s aquatic playground. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the crystal-clear waters beckon you to explore and enjoy the wonders of the sea.

Mini Golf and Other Fun Games

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon playing mini golf with the family at one of Cape Cod’s many mini golf courses. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf in South Yarmouth offers a challenging course with a pirate theme, complete with waterfalls and hidden treasures. If you’re looking for something different, head to Ryan Family Amusements in South Yarmouth, where you can enjoy a range of arcade games and indoor activities. Engage in friendly competition and laughter as you navigate through whimsical courses and engage in lively games with your loved ones.

Step into a world of fantasy and fun as you putt your way through imaginative landscapes and test your skills against the backdrop of Cape Cod’s stunning scenery. Let the spirit of adventure guide you as you explore the diverse entertainment options available on this vibrant peninsula.

Bike Tours and Trails

Cape Cod is a cyclist’s paradise, with numerous scenic trails suitable for all skill levels. Rent bikes and embark on a family-friendly bike tour along the Cape Cod Rail Trail or take a ride through the picturesque Cape Cod National Seashore. Make sure to pack a picnic and enjoy a scenic lunch break along the way. Pedal your way through lush landscapes and charming villages, immersing yourself in the rich history and natural beauty that Cape Cod has to offer.

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you explore the diverse terrain of Cape Cod on two wheels. Whether you’re a casual rider or a cycling enthusiast, the network of trails and paths on the peninsula provides endless opportunities for adventure and discovery.

Culinary Delights of Cape Cod

Sampling the local cuisine is an essential part of any trip, and Cape Cod offers a variety of culinary delights to satisfy the whole family. Find the list of the best restaurants in Cape Cod here.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants and Cafes

Cape Cod has an array of family-friendly restaurants that cater to different tastes. Seafood lovers can savor delicious fish and chips or lobster rolls at Captain Frosty’s in Dennis, while pizza enthusiasts can indulge in mouthwatering slices at Ember Pizza in Harwichport. For a sweet treat, don’t miss the homemade ice cream at Sundae School in Dennisport.

Ice Cream Parlors and Candy Stores

Speaking of ice cream, Cape Cod is home to several fantastic ice cream parlors that are sure to please both kids and adults. Smuggler’s Ice Cream in South Yarmouth is famous for its generous portions and unique flavors. Additionally, a visit to the Kandy Korner in Hyannis will transport you back in time with its nostalgic selection of classic candies.

Seafood Tasting for the Family

No visit to Cape Cod is complete without indulging in its fresh seafood offerings. Treat your family to a seafood feast at one of the many seafood shacks scattered along the coast. The Lobster Pot in Provincetown is a popular choice, offering a diverse menu featuring lobster, clams, and oysters.

Cape Cod truly offers an unforgettable experience for families with kids. Whether you’re exploring its natural wonders, engaging in educational activities, seeking adventure, or enjoying the local cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this beautiful peninsula. Start planning your Cape Cod adventure today!

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