Things to do in Burlington, Vermont with Kids

Things to do in Burlington, Vermont with Kids

Planning a family trip to Burlington, Vermont? With its beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and abundance of kid-friendly attractions, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time with your little ones. From exploring the great outdoors to indulging in delicious treats, Burlington offers a wide range of activities that will keep kids entertained and parents happy. Let’s dive into the top things to do in Burlington, Vermont with kids!

Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Get ready for some outdoor adventure! Burlington boasts several family-friendly hiking trails that allow you to immerse yourself in Vermont’s natural beauty. One popular trail is the Red Rocks Park and Trails, which offers stunning views of Lake Champlain. Kids will love exploring the rocky terrain and discovering unique rock formations along the way.

Another great option is the Ethan Allen Homestead Trail, named after Vermont’s famous founder. This easy, well-marked trail winds through meadows and woodlands, providing plenty of opportunities for kids to spot wildlife and learn about local history.

If you’re looking for a longer hike, consider the Camel’s Hump Trail. This challenging trail takes you to the summit of Camel’s Hump, one of Vermont’s highest peaks. Along the way, you’ll encounter diverse flora and fauna, making it a perfect educational experience for the whole family.

Picnic Spots with Playgrounds

When hunger strikes, why not combine a delicious meal with some playtime for the kids? Head to the Oakledge Park, where you’ll find spacious picnic areas with stunning lake views. This park also features a fantastic playground, complete with climbing structures, swings, and slides, to keep your little ones entertained while you relax.

For a unique experience, visit the Waterfront Park, known for its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful lakefront setting. Enjoy a picnic on the grassy area near the playground, where kids can climb, slide, and swing to their heart’s content.

If you’re looking for a picnic spot with a touch of history, check out the Shelburne Farms. This historic property offers picturesque landscapes, walking trails, and a farmyard where kids can meet and interact with farm animals. It’s a perfect blend of nature, education, and fun!

Water Activities for Kids

Looking to make a splash? Burlington offers plenty of water-based activities that are perfect for kids. Take a lake cruise on the Spirit of Ethan Allen III, a spacious paddlewheel boat that offers breathtaking views of Lake Champlain.

If your little ones prefer getting wet themselves, head to North Beach, a sandy oasis where they can build sandcastles, swim, and even rent paddleboards or kayaks. It’s the ultimate beach day experience!

For a more adventurous water activity, consider stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Champlain. Several rental shops in Burlington offer paddleboard rentals and lessons, making it a great way for kids to try something new and enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Interactive Museums and Exhibits

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, take the fun indoors with Burlington’s interactive museums and exhibits. The ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain is a must-visit destination for families. Here, kids can engage in hands-on science experiments, learn about the local ecosystem, and even pet live fish and turtles.

Step into the world of discovery and exploration at ECHO, where children can embark on a journey through the wonders of Lake Champlain. They can immerse themselves in the interactive exhibits that showcase the diverse wildlife and geological marvels of the region. From touching a real meteorite to experimenting with water currents, there is no shortage of excitement and learning at this captivating museum.

Another fantastic option is the University of Vermont’s Fleming Museum of Art. While it may not sound like a typical kid-friendly attraction, the museum offers engaging exhibits and programs designed specifically for children. They can explore various art forms and cultures through interactive displays and creative activities.

At the Fleming Museum of Art, young minds can unleash their creativity and imagination. From hands-on art workshops to interactive storytelling sessions, children can develop a deeper appreciation for art and culture. They can even try their hand at creating their own masterpieces, inspired by the diverse collection of artwork on display.

Indoor Playgrounds and Fun Centers

Let your kids burn off some energy at one of Burlington’s indoor playgrounds and fun centers. Get Air Trampoline Park is a family favorite, offering wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and obstacle courses. It’s the perfect place for kids to bounce, tumble, and release their inner acrobat.

Get ready for a gravity-defying adventure at Get Air Trampoline Park. Kids can soar through the air, performing flips and tricks, while safely landing in the soft foam pits. With a variety of trampolines and exciting challenges, this indoor playground guarantees hours of laughter and exhilaration for children of all ages.

If your little ones love climbing, don’t miss Metro Rock Climbing Center. This indoor rock climbing gym provides a safe and challenging environment for kids to scale walls and conquer obstacles, all under the guidance of experienced instructors.

At Metro Rock Climbing Center, children can experience the thrill of conquering new heights. With different climbing routes catering to various skill levels, kids can push their boundaries and build confidence. Whether they are beginners or seasoned climbers, this indoor playground offers a unique and adventurous experience that will leave them wanting more.

Educational Activities in Burlington

Combine fun with education by exploring Burlington’s educational activities for kids. Visit the Burlington Children’s Space, a unique play and learning center that offers hands-on activities focused on creative exploration and problem-solving.

At Burlington Children’s Space, children are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. They can engage in open-ended play, where they can build, create, and collaborate with other young minds. From constructing elaborate structures with blocks to experimenting with sensory materials, this educational center provides a nurturing environment for children to develop critical thinking skills and unleash their creativity.

Another great option is the Fletcher Free Library, which hosts a variety of children’s programs, including storytimes, crafts, and interactive exhibits. It’s a fantastic place to instill a love of reading and learning in your little ones.

Step into the world of books and imagination at the Fletcher Free Library. With its extensive collection of children’s literature and engaging programs, this library is a haven for young readers. From captivating storytimes that transport children to magical realms to hands-on craft sessions that bring stories to life, the Fletcher Free Library nurtures a lifelong love of reading and learning in children.

Healthy Eating Options for Kids

Traveling with kids often means navigating picky eaters. Fortunately, Burlington has numerous restaurants that offer healthy and delicious options for the whole family. One standout spot is Revolution Kitchen, which specializes in organic, plant-based cuisine. Their creative menu will satisfy both adventurous palates and those who prefer familiar flavors. Check the menu here.

If your family loves pizza, look no further than Flatbread Company. Their organic pizza topped with locally sourced ingredients is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

Fun Themed Restaurants

Make dining an experience in itself by visiting one of Burlington’s fun themed restaurants. For a touch of nostalgia, step into the Arcade Taco where you can enjoy mouthwatering tacos while playing classic arcade games.

Another themed dining option that kids will love is the Skinny Pancake. This pancake house offers a playful atmosphere and a menu full of scrumptious sweet and savory pancake creations.

Dessert Places Kids Will Love

No family outing is complete without a sweet treat! Stop by Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop and indulge in their famous ice cream flavors. Located right in Burlington, this iconic ice cream parlor offers both classic favorites and limited-edition creations.

For a unique dessert experience, head to Lake Champlain Chocolates and let your little ones explore the world of chocolate through tastings and demonstrations. From rich truffles to chocolate-covered delights, they will be in sweet heaven!

Summer Festivals and Events

During the summer months, Burlington comes alive with exciting festivals and events that the whole family can enjoy. Don’t miss the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, where you can groove to live jazz music while indulging in local food and crafts.

Another highlight is the Dragon Boat Festival, a colorful celebration that features thrilling dragon boat races, cultural performances, and interactive activities for kids.

Winter Activities for the Whole Family

When winter arrives, Burlington transforms into a snowy wonderland with plenty of activities to keep the entire family entertained. Head to Bolton Valley Resort, just a short drive from downtown Burlington, and hit the slopes for skiing or snowboarding. Lessons and equipment rentals are available for all skill levels.

If your family prefers ice skating, lace up your skates and glide across the Leddy Park Arena ice rink. This indoor rink offers public skating sessions and equipment rentals, making it perfect for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

Fall and Spring Outdoor Fun

As the seasons transition, Burlington showcases its breathtaking fall foliage and vibrant spring blooms. Take a leisurely stroll through The Intervale Center, a beautiful nature reserve offering scenic walking trails. Along the way, you’ll discover stunning landscapes, native plants, and even some farm animals.

For a truly unique experience, visit the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum in the spring. This historical site hosts maple syrup demonstrations, allowing kids to learn about the traditional Vermont practice of maple sugaring and even taste some freshly made syrup.

Burlington, Vermont truly is a paradise for families. With its abundance of outdoor adventures, engaging indoor attractions, delicious dining options, and seasonal activities, you’ll have no shortage of fun things to do with your kids. So pack your bags and get ready for an incredible journey of exploration, learning, and making lasting memories in beautiful Burlington!

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