Keyword Research for Authors

keyword research for authors

Tip for Picking Better Titles

Authors know the importance of picking a title. Along with the cover it is probably one of the 2 most important marketing decisions you will make. There is lots of good advise to guide you through the process of picking a good title.

But what about the science? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to get some data on what made for a good title?

First, let’s define a good title – based on science – as a phrase that is more likely to gain traffic then an alternative. How can we find this? With help from Google. We can use Google’s Adwords Tool. This tool provides data on how frequently people search for a particular phrase on Google. It also provides data on how many sites are competing for that search traffic.

This tool will help us compare different titles to see which title is more popular. Does that make it the better title? No. It just makes it the more popular title in the eyes of Google. How important that is to you is up to you.

At a minimum this is a great tool for brainstorming. Of course you should depend on your evaluation, comparing the data and your own creativity. But at a minimum the Google data will help you to be more creative.

How does this process work? This is more easily seen then read. Please see the following video. All feedback is most appreciated.