Will You Sign My Kindle? Electronic Autographing

electronic autographing

As an author, have you ever autographed a book for a fan?

As a book lover yourself, did you ever get a book signed from the author of one of your favorite books?

Have you ever looked at someone like they had a 2nd head when they asked you to sign one your ebooks they had purchased?

In this new age of electronic reading devices, getting an autograph seems to be a thing of the past unless you want someone to ink up your Kindle, iPad or Nook, which is probably something you wouldn’t want to do unless it’s Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling or Jeff Kinney.

Not so fast. Technology always seems ahead of us and as it turns out, there are multiple services for an author to use to digitally sign a book.

We don’t yet recommend any one service over another but we can tell you our experience with one service called Authorgraph – a service we had no previous knowledge of until the day before we tried it out.

Since it’s pretty simple, I’ll explain both scenarios on using Authograph.

Make Your Readers Happy – SEND an Authorgraph

Why should you, the author, do this?

Think of it as a neat add-on to your books. Will it make or break your book sales? No. But any good marketing plan has multiple tactics for marketing exposure.

  • Sign up using a Twitter account (We HATE when we have to use other services to use another)
  • Setup your book(s)
  • Create a signature for your book. You actually can draw your signature with a mouse or finger if you use a tablet
  • Wait for people to request your autograph

Make Yourself Happy – GET an Authorgraph

What surprised us was how easy it was to get an autograph.  The steps are about this simple:

  • Go to the Authorgraph website
  • Sign up (for free)
  • Find a book
  • Click on ‘Request Authorgraph’ button.  You can choose to send a message that will allow the author to personalize your Authorgraph
  • Wait for autograph to show up on your Kindle

To be fair, you do have to login to your Kindle account and add a setting but Authorgraph does a great job explaining exactly how to do that so that your Kindle can accept the signature.

In my experience, it took one day for the Authorgraph to appear. As geeky as it sounds, I was constantly refreshing my Kindle app to see the Authorgraph.

Here is an example authorgraph of what will show up your Kindle.

The Authorgraph is delivered as a separate ‘document’ and is not attached to the actual ebook.

As an author, it’s another feature to promote your book(s). And it’s free to both you and your readers. There’s no reason not to try it out and see who wants a piece of you!