9 Skills for Listening to Life

Listening is one of life’s master skills. This book distills some of the essence of great listening in a new way that combines practical competence with compassion and heart. It does so by spelling out 9 skills that are immediately understandable and extremely useful for you in a wide range of everyday life experience. These range from problems with projects in the work place to challenges with personal relationships. So the book clarifies the differences between practical listening, for the purpose of getting things done more effectively; social listening, for the purpose of building better relationships; and supportive listening, for the purpose of more deeply assisting a friend or colleague in need.

9 Skills for Listening to Life adds extra power and more depth to your communication because it reveals some of the invisible foundations of great listening that are often ignored or missed. For instance it shows that we listen with the whole body and not just our ears, and that we always respond to both thoughts and feelings. This helps readers get a handle on and effectively deal with some of the confusion that sometimes stands in the way of success. It provides a safe and strong foundation for developing more powerful and perceptive listening skills. And ultimately, it opens the door to new possibilities and the pleasure of inner peace.

9 Skills for Listening to Life is available on Kindle.

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