Seeking Authors

Authors – Ever dream of getting a book published? Or in the process of publishing one yourself? You’ve probably learned that the world of publishing has changed. Authors have more control than ever. That means more profit, but more work. You are a writer, and the following articles will help you become a marketer. Please contact us with any questions and suggestions.

We have already teamed up with the following authors to deliver world-class content to kids and adults.

Daniel Barth – For Dan, we have created taken his first book, Maurice on the Moon, and created an interactive textbook as well as basic conversions to other formats.

Bob Sullo – Bob has just revised The Inspiring Teacher and we have released it on the Kindle.

Renate and Geoffrey Caine – We are in the middle of our process on creating an ebook on Listening, geared towards organizations and teachers.

We are opening our program to all authors.

Educational content can be targeted to any age group. It can be fiction or non fiction. Serious or fun or even frivolous. Mainstream or not. It just needs to be ferociously terrific content.

Why Funderstanding? Because we are the only publisher that focuses on the education market that provides a 50/50 split and that also provides substantive marketing services. Authors get full marketing support while also having an opportunity to promote their books on, a Page Rank 6 site that gets over a million visitors a year.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Funderstanding, please contact us!