Are Parents Buying Into Classroom Tech Integration?

classroom tech integration

Are you a teacher who has or is trying to integrate educational technology into your classroom? Well then, you can probably relate to this.

The classroom experience has been continually changing not only because of education reform efforts like Common Core Standards, but also with the booming educational technology industry. But, as ed-tech companies become more creative, innovative, and interactive in creating their products, not only do the costs of tech integration rise, but so too does the friction and opinions against tech integration increase.

It’s not only the school administration, who may be more concerned with costs. But it’s also the students’ parents. Maybe they’re not tech-geeky enough to know the gadgets used in classrooms to effectively help their children with their homework. Maybe they’re just biased towards 21st century education, where classroom interactivity is not confined to the hard covers of a textbook. They just may not trust the effectiveness of technology in education!

Whatever the case may be, getting parents to buy into classroom tech integration may be a frequent problem you face in your professional lives. Here are a handful of tips that can help you convince parents to accept classroom tech integration and truly believe its effectiveness in improving the learning experience.

Teachers are not only part of a community within their own school district, but also part of a larger community with educators globally. Please share your tips in the comments section below on how to get parents to buy into classroom tech integration!