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7 Little Words



I’m not a person that loves to play video and computer games. But there are  times I stumble across one that I understand why people get addicted to them.

Two weeks ago, I heard about 7 Little Words. It’s so simple (like most good games) but it’s so much more challenging than I expected it to be. Basically, you are given clues to words and using a bunch letters, you have to put together a one word solution.  I know that makes no sense but when you try it, it will make sense immediately.

I’ve been using it on my iPad but I just found out they have a website. Not only that though, they have a ‘for the classroom‘ component, where it’s geared to specific school subjects like science, social studies and even French and Spanish.  You can download pdfs with the answers which is nice. Great to use at home.

Although you can play it solo, you can also play it against people – see who can get all the solutions first. What ‘educational’ games do you or your kids like to play?

10 Iconic Teacher Actions That Technology Should Disrupt



You ever wonder if what is done at schools make sense? Maybe you’d be better off not wondering how it can improve. But if you do want to learn more, check out this website. It will give you some insight into some ‘opportunities to improve education.

Why is this important? To get you mad? Nope. It is important because it should help you improve the way you educate your child at home. It’s a whole new world of education out there.

21 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids



“You did great!”, “We’re almost there!” are two of the most recurrent parent lies. Check 19 other lies and what they really mean!