Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – 2/14/14

For this weekly blog series, we’ll post random and fun things. No rhyme or reason except that perhaps, it will spur conversation and maybe some learning. Don’t underestimate the ability for seemingly small (and amusing) things to inspire, especially in kids.

At Funderstanding, we are huge fans of Mental Floss. They post facts but they do it in such an entertaining way. To me, it’s a site for the kid in all of us. You can call it trivia but it’s much more. Beware though, sometimes you feel like an idiot for not knowing what seem like basic things.

If your name is Harry, this article will resonate with you.

If you are a guitar player, this article shouldn’t surprise you but it probably will!

Ask any person that has an iPhone or iPad and they will recognize what a squircle is, whether they know it or not.

This post is about shapes that you didn’t know had names.

How would you name this shape?

If oddly named shapes are not your thing, what about science?

You know us, we love Maurice so we also love science. There are tons of places on the web to find great science-based content so why wouldn’t we expect to find great stuff on Twitter?  The nice thing is that someone that we like has taken a crack at it already. Check out this list of 12 Science-Related Twitter Accounts to Follow. Go #4!

Come back next Friday for Tell Me Something I Don’t Know!