Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – 2/21/14

at the age old pond
a frog leaps into water
a deep resonance

I’m guessing most of you realize that’s a haiku. What you may not know is that it’s the best known Japanese haiku.

But did you know we have a National Haiku Writing Month? Naturally, it’s February because why else would we be writing about it this month?  But it’s also February because it’s the shortest month for the shortest genre of poetry.

When’s the last time you wrote a haiku?  For me, it probably has to be at least 35 years ago. So here’s a new attempt.

Olympic curling
Gorgeous rocks from Ailsa Craig
Hurled down the smooth ice

Not impressed? You’re probably not alone. What about this?

Apparently, raindrops are not shaped liked tears. Any guesses what shape they are more like?  Scientists have found that they resemble the shape of a hamburger bun. No wonder you always see people standing in the rain, with their mouths open trying to catch rain. They are hungry!