Left Brain Learning

left brain

Do you analyze subjects analytically? Do you prefer a step-by-step learning process with many details? If so, you might be a left-brained learner.

Here are a few characteristics of left brain learners from Math Power:

  • Verbal
  • Responds to word meaning
  • Sequential
  • Processes information linearly
  • Responds to logic
  • Plans ahead
  • Recalls people’s names
  • Speaks with few gestures
  • Punctual
  • Prefers formal study design
  • Prefers bright lights while studying

The Power of Your Brain

Are you a left brained or right brained learner? Try the quiz here to find out! Learning about whether you are a right brained or left brained learner may help you improve your brain study methods.

Are you a right brained learner? Go to this Funderstanding article to read more about the right brain.

Left Brain Dominance

Being left brain dominant does influence your learning style and even, how you write with a pen.

“In 95 percent of right-handers, the left side of the brain is dominant for language. Even in 60-70 percent of left-handers, the left side of brain is used for language,” the Web site, Neuroscience for Kids said.

Left brain thinkers will also excel in math, language studies and logic problems.

Classroom Learning

If solving problems seems to be difficult because it is challenging to arrange them in a logical order, you might need to take a look at your dominant side.

“The left side of the brain processes information in a linear manner. It process from part to whole. It takes pieces, lines them up, and arranges them in a logical order; then it draws conclusions,” Dr. Carolyn Hopper’s Practicing College Study Skills: Strategies for Success 3rd edition said.

Left brained thinkers also like to make lists and have the fine details organized.

“In addition to thinking in a linear manner, the left brain processes in sequence — in order. The left-brained person is a list maker. If you are left-brained, you would enjoy making a master schedule and doing daily planning. You complete tasks in order and take pleasure in checking them off when they are accomplished,” Dr. Hopper’s guidelines said.

“For example, spelling involves sequencing; if you are left-brained, you are probably a good speller. The left brain is also at work in the linear and sequential processing of math and in following directions.”

Processing Reality

People who are left brain dominant will be able to adapt to their situation, whereas right brain dominant learners will try to change the situation.

Future Occupations for Left Brained Learners

There are many occupations that will suit left-dominant people. Most are in fields that have the employee analyzing or computing numbers.


-Computer programming


-Human Resources

-Administrative and clerical positions


From: Are you a Right Brain- or Left-Brain Thinker?

Teaching to the Left Brain

There are many ways for parents and educators to tailor lessons to the left brain learner. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use sequence: By writing an outline of the lesson on  the chalkboard and using a step-by-step process, you will allow your student to better grasp what they are about to do.
  • Ask students to take notes: The left brain student will usually like to take notes and arrange them in order.
  • Foster independence: Not all projects have to be group work. Facilitate a healthy balance of individual and team projects and allow left-brain thinkers to work on their own every once in awhile.
  • Keep the classroom orderly and clear: Students will appreciate working in a quiet and well contained classroom.

Not Only Left Brained or Right Brained

While left-brain learners have different characteristics and learning styles than right-brain learners, it is important to keep in mind that there is a gray area for most learners. A person doesn’t have to be strictly left-brain or right-brain and could have traits of both. If you feel like some of your students may need characteristics from both sides, you can incorporate right and left-brain activities into your classroom equally.