3 Fun Projects Your Kids Can Do Over The Summer

Projects your kids can do

Summer officially starts in 15 days! Now is the perfect time to make plans on what to accomplish during these three months. Here is Funderstanding’s take on 3 fun projects you and your kids could do over this summer:



Summer is for fun so let it be fun! And as importantly, let it be about family. So here’s an idea. Create a family instagram account. Let it be a place where everyone in the family can share pictures. Teach your parents and grandparents how to logon to see the things you are up to. What grandparent doesn’t want to see pictures of their grandkids?! They don’t have to share pics and videos themselves but if they have a smartphone, why not teach them how to do it to? Remember that you can also share short videos too.



Summer – what could be better then a baseball game! Baseball more then other sports (an opinion, I know) deserves thoughtful analysis. The more you know about the game, the better it is. Fangraphs has a great balance of stats for the geek, history, and analysis – enough to please any serious fan. Enjoy!



Astronomers just discovered a planet in a neighborhood galaxy that could support life. Summer is the good time to build an engine to go say hello! Here are 12 Nasa blueprints for building your own spaceship. Finding an ascent propulsion fuel tank or a lunar surface sensing probe might not be easy, and it might take you more than 100 summers to accomplish it, but you can still build a cardboard rocket ship!

What about you, what’s your plan for the summer?