3 Netflix Documentaries Your Kids Should Watch

netflix documentaries

Netflix is great to watch stupid TV shows. It’s also great to learn new things through documentaries. Here are the 3 Netflix documentaries your kids (and you!) should watch:

The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans


Explore the world underwater with David Attenborough. It’s visually mind blowing, and the narration is both informative and fun. Like in every good movies, drama and adventures are included! In bonus : know that Nemo’s World’s angler fish comes from this movie! 🙂

blue planet


Hoop Dreams


Hoop Dreams. It meets the mandatory requirement – eminently watchable. I love Ken Burns but I get that there are many kids who won’t get through episode 1 of Civil War (a shame). But it is hard to not get captured by Hoop Dreams. What does it teach? Lots. It teaches life. Dealing with adversity. It teaches about how to tell a story. It is useful for teaching so many things and because the story is powerful, they will be lessons that linger.




Here’s another ‘basketball’ movie that is nothing about basketball. Every kid AND adult should watch this film and open up a discussion about it. You may think that it’s just another movie about some guy messing up his life by doing drugs. The subject is Chris Herren, who indeed did mess up his basketball career by doing drugs. But it’s a truly inspirational story and he now speaks all over the country about his story.


What’s your favorite documentary on Netflix?