3 TED Talks Every Parent Should Watch

TED talks

Flow, the secret to happiness


Flow – that’s the goal for work and learning. When you are in flow, time flies. You are absorbed. You have felt this when you are engrossed in your favorite hobby. Why shouldn’t you feel like this when you are learning?

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

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I can see a lot of debate over this video. I even have doubts. Would you let your youngster play with matches or have a pocketknife? I imagine most wouldn’t.

Gever Tulley says you should. The takeaway is simply that you need to let your kids learn. They will probably fail and that is what scares parents.

You will always want to minimize the danger you put your kid in but you can’t protect them all the time and it’s not smart to do so either.

A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time


Steven Addis found a beautiful and easy way to bound with his daughter and create an unforgettable memories. Take a picture, every year, at the same place.

What’s your favorite TED talk?