LowTechTuesday: Earth Day Activities

earth day

Today is Earth Day, an event celebrated worldwide to support environmental protection and show your love for the Planet. This is the perfect day for a LowTechTuesday spent in nature.

Here is our take on 4 activities you can do on this special day:

Plant a tree

What’s a better way of leaving a mark on earth than planting a tree? As the Chinese proverb says: “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

What’s great about this idea is that you can not only spend a nice day outside and gardening, it’s also a long term commitment you make with the Earth. You can visit the tree every year, on Earth Day, to see how it is growing.  You can name it with your kids’ names, the name of an ancestor or someone famous you want to pay tribute to. Mother Teresa walnut tree sounds nice!

To choose a good tree, ask your kids to look at different types of trees and choose their favorite ones – that way they learn more about fauna and wildlife. If they cannot find their favorite tree, have them visit this website where, each birth date is related to a specific kind of tree. I now know that I am a Hornbeam Tree!

To know how to plant a tree, watch and read this great tutorial.


Make a Herbarium

A herbarium is a book in which you can put different species of plants or leafs. It is a way of knowing more about flowers and plants that surround us as well as creating a nice art and craft activities.

Here is a link you should visit to know how to create your own herbarium. The Botanical Research Institute of Texas also offers great tips on how to collect and preserve your precious collection.

Build a Hut

Every kid dreams of having a treehouse! Before getting there, what about a little hut? Make your kids feel like Robinson Crusoe by building a shelter in the forest. It will teach them how to use wood and different tools.

Here is a link to visit to choose your favorite type of shelter and learn how to build it.

You never know when you will have to build your own hut!


Clean a park

Making a gift to Earth and your community is a great activity for Earth Day.  All you need are gloves, plastic bags, and maybe some tools.

To do so, find a park near you on the National Park Service’s website. Contact the person in charge of a park in your neighborhood and ask them how you can help.

It is something you can do with the family… or with the all neighborhood! Then you can bond with your neighbors and your kids may meet new friends who live nearby.

What about you, any idea of things to do on this special day?