Low Tech: When Pictionary Meets Movie Quotes

pictionary and movie quotes

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Remember where this quote comes from? Ok, we’ll help you.

We all have favorite movie quotes. From Dirty Dancing to The Godfather, movies are a great source of unforgettable dialogue. But what about guessing movie quotes from drawings? That’s what you can do on this website, where you can find famous movie quotes represented with charts.

It’s fun to play by guessing the quotes; it’s even more amusing to draw them!

It’s easy:
– Think of a movie quote you like
– Find an example of chart that will work best with your quote and draw it
– ask the members of your family to guess what the quote is

We gave it a try at Funderstanding and here are some of our attempts.

movie quotes game

lion king movie quotes game

star wars movie quotes game

toy story movie quote game

men in black movie quotes game

Were you able to figure them out? Tell us by commenting below! Feel free to challenge us by sharing your movie quotes on our Facebook page. We will publish the best ones on this post!