Low Tech: When Movies Are Remade By Kids

kids filming movies

We still haven’t seen all the Best Picture nominees at the Oscars but we are pretty sure they are not as good as these sweded versions made with kids:

We love their version of Her!

sweded movie is a scene of a movie remade with a (very) low budget. That means it’s a perfect activity for a low tech tuesday! It’s a great activity for kids because it involves:

  • Craft: they need to design the costumes and decors.
  • Ingenuity:  how are you going to be able to imitate the special effects of Gravity in your backyard???
  • Art: acting is one of the most powerful forms of art.
  • Movie editing skills: yes, we are a cheating a little bit on this Low Tech Tuesday…

To get inspired, here are other movie scenes sweded by kids:

The Big Lebowski


Maybe your kids are natural actors and will be the ones winning an Oscar. After all, lots of kids got nominated for the oscars!

We would love to do a remake of Back to the Future or Jurassic Park! What about you, which movie would you like to remake with your kids?