Fun Activities in Savannah for Kids

Savannah for Kids

Savannah, Georgia is not just a destination for adults seeking history and charm. It is also a city that offers many fun activities for kids to enjoy. From exploring the historic district to outdoor adventures and educational experiences, this southern gem has something to offer children of all ages. Let’s dive into some of the activities in Savannah for kids.

One of the highlights of any visit to Savannah is exploring its historic district. The cobblestone streets, beautiful squares, and antebellum mansions provide a unique backdrop for countless adventures with the little ones. Kid-friendly tours in the historic district offer an exciting way to learn about the city’s rich history. Guided tours led by knowledgeable locals bring the past to life, engaging kids with captivating stories and interactive activities.

Kid-Friendly Tours in the Historic District

One popular tour is the “Savannah Pirate Walk,” where children can dress up as swashbucklers and set off on a quest to find hidden treasures. Led by a friendly pirate guide, this tour takes families on a journey through Savannah’s seafaring past, uncovering tales of pirate raids and buried riches. Imagine the excitement in your child’s eyes as they follow the pirate’s map, solving riddles and clues along the way, all while learning about the city’s fascinating history.

If your little ones are more intrigued by the supernatural, the “Ghost Hunters Tour” provides a thrilling experience for young history enthusiasts. Equipped with ghost-hunting equipment, kids can join paranormal investigators to search for supernatural phenomena and uncover the secrets of haunted Savannah. Imagine the thrill of your child as they use an EMF meter to detect ghostly energy or capture eerie EVP recordings. This tour not only educates but also sparks the imagination, leaving children with unforgettable memories.

Interactive Museums for Children

In addition to the tours, Savannah boasts several interactive museums perfect for young minds. The Savannah Children’s Museum is a must-visit for families with kids. This outdoor museum features hands-on exhibits that encourage creative play and learning. Children can explore a maze, construct structures with giant building blocks, and even take a ride on the museum’s miniature train. Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they navigate through the maze, their laughter echoing through the air as they build towering structures, and their excitement as they hop aboard the train for a whimsical ride.

Another popular spot for children is the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Here, kids can embark on train rides, explore historic railcars, and learn about the rich history of rail transportation in Georgia. The museum offers interactive exhibits where children can try their hand at operating a railroad switch or signaling with a semaphores system. Imagine the sense of accomplishment your child will feel as they successfully operate the switch, guiding a train along its tracks, or as they communicate using the semaphores system, just like the railroad workers of the past.

So, whether your little ones dream of being pirates or ghost hunters, or if they have a fascination with trains and history, Savannah’s historic district has something to offer. With kid-friendly tours that bring history to life and interactive museums that ignite the imagination, a visit to Savannah will be an adventure your family will cherish forever.

When it comes to outdoor activities, Savannah does not disappoint. The city is dotted with family-friendly parks and playgrounds, offering a perfect opportunity for little ones to burn off some energy while enjoying the fresh air.

Family-Friendly Parks and Playgrounds

Forsyth Park, located in the heart of Savannah, is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This sprawling green oasis features walking paths, a large playground, and open spaces perfect for picnics and games. The park also boasts a picturesque fountain, where kids can cool off on a hot summer day.

But the outdoor adventures in Savannah don’t stop there. Just a short drive from Forsyth Park, families can discover the hidden gem of Daffin Park. This expansive park offers a wide range of recreational activities, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and even a swimming pool. Kids can have a blast at the playgrounds, while parents can relax under the shade of the majestic oak trees.

Skidaway Island State Park is another fantastic option for outdoor adventures. With its nature trails, wildlife observation points, and a tree canopy tower, this park provides plenty of opportunities for kids to explore nature. Families can embark on guided kayak tours, spot alligators, or have a picnic overlooking the marshy landscape.

Wildlife Encounters in Savannah

Savannah offers unique opportunities for kids to connect with wildlife. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a favorite among young animal lovers. This 175-acre preserve is home to a variety of indigenous species, including foxes, deer, and alligators. Children can take guided tours to learn about the animals and their habitats, or participate in interactive feeding sessions under the supervision of expert wildlife guides.

And if your little ones are fascinated by marine life, the UGA Aquarium on Skidaway Island is another fantastic place to explore Savannah’s underwater world. Kids can observe fascinating creatures such as octopuses, seahorses, and dolphins. The aquarium offers educational programs and interactive exhibits where children can touch sea stars and learn about coastal Georgia’s diverse ecosystem.

So whether you’re looking to spend a day at the park, go on a nature adventure, or get up close and personal with wildlife, Savannah has it all. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your family as you explore the great outdoors in this charming city.

Savannah is committed to providing educational experiences that spark curiosity and foster learning in children. Science and technology centers, as well as art and culture workshops, offer engaging activities that combine education and entertainment.

Science and Technology Centers for Kids

The Savannah Science Museum is a fantastic place to ignite young minds. With its hands-on exhibits and interactive demonstrations, children can explore various scientific concepts while having fun. From a planetarium showcasing the wonders of the night sky to interactive displays on physics and biology, the museum offers a world of discovery.

For budding artists and creative children, the Telfair Museums’ ArtZeum provides a colorful and immersive experience. This interactive art museum engages kids with hands-on activities, encouraging them to explore different art techniques and express their creativity. From painting to sculpture and interactive digital exhibits, the ArtZeum offers a diverse range of artistic experiences for children to enjoy.

When it comes to food and shopping, Savannah has plenty to offer families. Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly restaurants or unique souvenir shops, the city provides a variety of options to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Savannah

Savannah is brimming with restaurants that cater specifically to children. The Pirates’ House is a historic eatery that captivates young diners with its pirate-themed ambiance. From Captain Flint’s fried chicken to Blackbeard’s ribeye, the menu offers a variety of dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Another popular choice is Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, which serves Southern comfort food family-style. This communal dining experience allows children and adults to enjoy a variety of dishes together, from fried chicken and collard greens to sweet potato soufflé and banana pudding. Here are 9 great places to eat in Savannah.

Unique Souvenir Shops for Children

Savannah’s charming streets are lined with shops offering unique souvenirs and gifts for children. The Savannah Bee Company offers an array of honey products and bee-themed treats that capture the imagination. Kids can try samples of honey or even create their own customized lip balms.

For those seeking a taste of nostalgia, the Savannah Candy Kitchen is a must-visit. This old-fashioned candy store entices young visitors with its assortment of candies, chocolates, and sweets. Kids can watch candy makers craft delicious treats right before their eyes and indulge in classic favorites like pralines and saltwater taffy.

Savannah knows how to celebrate, and the city hosts a variety of family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year.

Summer Festivals for Families

One of the standout summer events is the Savannah Fireworks Festival, held annually on the Fourth of July. Families can gather along the riverfront to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the night sky. Food vendors, live music, and children’s activities add to the festive atmosphere.

During the holiday season, families can immerse themselves in the magic of the Savannah Harbor Holiday Series. This winter wonderland offers nightly light shows synchronized to holiday music, a chance to meet Santa Claus, and a synthetic ice-skating rink.

Winter Activities for Kids in Savannah

Visiting Savannah during winter also provides unique experiences for kids. The Savannah Children’s Book Festival is a literary delight that takes place each November. Young readers can meet their favorite authors, participate in interactive storytelling sessions, and even have their books autographed.

For those seeking outdoor adventures during the winter months, Savannah offers ice-skating at the Savannah Civic Center. Children can lace up their skates and twirl around the ice, enjoying a truly magical winter experience in the heart of the city.


As you can see, Savannah offers a wealth of engaging activities for kids. From exploring the historic district to outdoor adventures and educational experiences, this southern city provides countless opportunities for children to have fun, make memories, and learn something new. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable family vacation in Savannah!

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