The Publishing Revolution

publishing revolution

The Death of Publishing: Long Live Self-Publishing

Horseless carriages became cars.

Talkies became movies.

The ‘wire’ became cell phones.

The publishing industry is to become ______.

Not sure. But I do know that the publishing industry we knew 10 years ago won’t remain much longer. And that’s a good thing.

All media adapts and typically goes through a revolution, not just an evolution. It is typical that these big steps forward come from outside of the industry. A computer guy revolutionized music.

We know publishing is going to change. And don’t expect the change agent, or the lead innovator, to be a traditional publisher. A telegraph guy invented the light bulb. A Vice President invented the internet….

The point – don’t look for innovation from within. If you are an author looking for big ideas don’t expect your traditional publisher to provide it. Revolutions require a person to think outside the norm, and when you are inside the norm, you can’t see where you are. As Marshall McLuhan said, “I know not who discovered water, but it wasn’t the fish….”

The publishing industry does well for the authors who attract the attention of the marketers at the publishers. So if you are Dan Brown, you are in good shape. If you are Eric Cohen, or 99% of the other authors out there, you don’t have a business partner.

Progressive authors are realizing that they want to own more of their royalties, and control their destiny. Many wonderful authors like Amanda Hocking write and do a great job of handling their own marketing. If you can both write and market, find one of the excellent self publishers.

Funderstanding: Your Publishing Partner

Funderstanding is now in the e-publishing business, targeting the self publisher who is looking for a partner. You bring the content, we bring the marketing. We’ll pay the up-front costs, and we share in the profits with the author.

If you are an author who craves the recognition that comes from having a traditional publisher and don’t mind losing control of your book go traditional.

If you can market and afford the up front costs self publish.

If you just want to write and rely on someone else for generating sales, contact us.