Government Shutdown: In the Perspective of Listening with Geoffrey Caine

government shutdown

The Government Shutdown

It came unexpectedly after businesses had already closed. The announcement happened at night, but the chatters of differing opinions of what would happen or why it happened were ablaze.

“It already happened once in the Clinton era, no need to worry!”

“Did you watch the movie Purge?” “Will the law enforcement still be working?”

Such hyperbolic sentiments were fun to entertain. But assessing the situation as citizens looking on from the outskirts, clear perspective was needed.

Geoffrey Caine, the Government Shutdown, and the Perspective of Listening

Author of The Listening to Life Series, Geoffrey Caine provides his assessment of the government through the specific lens of his expertise, the art of listening. Touching upon 3 key elements – the real audience, collaboration, and source of information – Geoffrey Caine explicates his opinions on the critical point the American government faces during this time.