How to Get Kids to Listen

get kids to listen

Thank you for joining the Funderstanding community!

Funderstanding is very pleased to offer our members a free copy of How to Get Kids to Listen – an ebook written for parents and educators.

How to Get Kids to Listen provides specific communication techniques, strategies, and scenarios to help adults enhance listening skills in children of all ages. Listening games and activities for school and home use are included.

The ebook concludes with communication checklists to help you continually implement the recommended listening techniques and language highlighted in the ebook.

Here is a sample of some things you’ll learn in the ebook:

  • Paying full attention is critical to listening effectively
  • Acknowledging children’s feelings with a simple one word response makes them feel valued
  • Naming children’s feelings makes them feel supported and it teaches them how to independently problem solve
  • How to listen deeply for the feelings below the surface, and how to effectively address them
  • Asking open ended questions promotes conversation and helps improve speaking and listening skills

We hope How to Get Kids to Listen provides you with valuable tools to improve your own listening and communication skills, as well as that of your children/students.