3 Things Parents Can Do to Inspire Learning

inspire learning


Schools are full of wonderful teachers, working in a system that by most accounts is less then ideal. The system is such that it is very hard for a child to stand out.

Yet the demands of the world are changing and to prepare children to be inspired learners, more and more of the educational responsibilities fall to parents. How can parents take this on, when they are already so involved and busy? Is this one more thing that parents must do? How do they gain the skill to do this effectively?

What to look for in this webinar

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

– the basics of educational theory so that parents can be better consumers of education

– the critical skills for teaching with attention paid to emotional intelligence

– Educational artistry – one good model for inspiring your child to learn along with some concrete examples you can try immediately

The hope is that after attending you might see a slightly different role for yourself in your child’s education, and that you might be inspired to a new form of educational artistry. The hope is that this will reduce stress at home while raising the level of educational inspiration in your child, and in you.

Webinar outline

1. What role do schools, teachers, and parents play?

2. Education and Pedagogy 101

3. EQ, parents, and teaching

4. Looking at artistry, and ways parents can have fun inspiring learning

5. Concrete suggestions for inspiring learning at home

6. Q&A