3 Approaches to Inspire Students: Applying Educational Theory

inspire students theory


In this webinar, Eric Cohen will present 3 educational theories. He will provide an overview on each, and then provide specific examples on how the theory can be applied in class, or in the home.

By the end of the session the participant will have a much better feeling for how to design instruction that is engaging and effective.

What to look for in this webinar

Each theory is presented and pros and cons of each discussed. The focus is on how and when to use the different approaches. We’ll cover ways to assess and support learning.

The session is 60 minutes with ample time for questions and sharing ideas. Participants came to the session with ideas on topics they want to teach and, shared those ideas with the group for brainstorming. By the end of the session, attendees should have new ideas for presenting and teaching.

The session is targeted to teachers, and to parents, and to anyone interested in Educational Artistry.